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Our Future plans

At TechSharks we have a separate team for new ideas and innovations. Currently this team is developing a Local Weblog system and SMS Reporting Application.

  1.  Local Weblog system

It’s actually a blogging application. The aim of this application is to encourage more internet users for blogging and pulling them to be professional social media users. This application is in local languages and much easier to use than other well known blogging system. This will help Afghan users to get familiar first and once they entered the world of social media, then step toward more professional blogging and social media arenas such as wordpress , blogger , twitter and facebook and other popular social media tools.

  1. SMS reporting for corruption and human right violation

As you may know the telecommunication technology has extremely grown during past decade in Afghanistan and almost most areas and provinces of Afghanistan has access to Telecommunication. We are planning to use the power of telecommunication in order to develop SMS reporting for corruption and human right violation. Anybody in Afghanistan will be able to report a corruption or violation with simple SMS texts. All received data will be displayed by location on the Map of Afghanistan. This application will be monitored by the government and authorized organizations. This will increase the speed and transparency of fighting against challenging issues in Afghanistan.



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