In The Heart Of Afghanistan, Entrepreneurs Innovate For Peace

Finally after a long time our CEO, Alireza Akbari’s interview with Fast Company magazine (A business & design magazine based in USA) published on their website, You can read it on the Fast Company website. The interested part of Alireza Akbari’s interview is about the last paragraph of this interview:

In their commitment to keep hurdling all obstacles, these entrepreneurs are no different from their counterparts a world away in Silicon Valley. “Google is my God and code is my poetry,” says Akbari quietly, smiling. “Web services, social networks, e-commerce–this is my dream. Maybe one day we can do it in practice.”

And special thanks of our friend Tony Maloney Founder of Bpeace (Business council for peace) and Gayle Tezomach Lemon Author & Journalist and the author of The Dressmaker of Khair Khana, the best-seller book in the USA.

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