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Mujibrahimi.com – Personal Website

توسط - Mujibrahimi.com – Personal Website

TechSharks has designed & developed new Personal Website for Mr Dr. Mujib Rahman Rahimi. it is one of the new format design that we implemented to this website with some new features. This Website has a friendly interface and compatible with most of the devices. Designed in Photoshop, Skatech Developed by WordPress CMS Responsive Design and Compatible to Mobile and Tablet and PC In two languages (Dari...

Graphic Design & Branding

Graphic Design

توسط - Graphic Design

We provide the best graphic design solutions that are customized to meet your brand requirements. Incorporating in the excellence and aesthetics of visual communication and all the aspects of sensory elements, including color, typography, space, picture, etc. we bring you outstanding graphic designs. Brochures, Flyers and Leaflets Marketing Literature & Collaterals Corporate Profile ...

ICT Consulting

ICT Consulting

توسط - ICT Consulting

As much as the truth of a conclusion depends on the quality of its premises, the quality of your ICT strategy will have a solid and profound impact on business achievements. Strategy is the direction and scope of an organization over the long term, which advantage for the organization through use of its resources within a changing environment to meet the needs of the...

Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies

توسط - Emerging Technologies

We flaunt the ability to create highly robust solutions that are reliable and appealing, with no compromise over quality. TechSharks is continuously engaged in developing business solutions that are powered by emerging technologies, which helps to formulate strategies that are simple, while driving the business to success. Data storage, data processing, connectivity and many more aspects of real life will be made easier...

Emerging Technologies

Big Data Services

توسط - Big Data Services

Big data is emerging. A lot is happening and regardless of the size of your company, it is about time that you seriously thought about implementing big data for your business. We can custom develop the best big data solution that will imbibe in all your business needs....

Emerging Technologies

Cloud Computing

توسط - Cloud Computing

Do you have data? Excess of data that you are finding difficult to manage and deal with? Don’t worry. At TechSharks, we will custom-make an excellent cloud-based solution to manage and tackle the data of your organization, while ensuring it is safe and secure....

Database Development

Database Development

توسط - Database Development

Make your data work for you, Don’t work for it TechSharks uses best practices to build optimally structured and designed databases. TechSharks team of experienced programmers use the most optimized sql queries to build database drivenapplications — creating the best performing database applications. What we do?! Database Assessment and Planning Database Design Data Migration Database Support and Maintenance TechSharks has developed a number of products and MIS applications for its...

Emerging Technologies

IoT Applications

توسط - IoT Applications

Our in-house team of IoT app development experts has an in-depth understanding of the emerging IoT platforms and features, as well as is proficient at developing agile apps that fit into your business needs. Other services include but not limited to Blockchain Development Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Development Augmented Reality Apps ...

Database Development

ERP Solution

توسط - ERP Solution

Integrate different departments of your organization to smoothen operations.   Enterprise Resource Planning integrates business management modules and user friendly technology. The ERP solution is such a system that can combine all the functions of a business, such as inventory management, warehouse management, manufacturing, distribution, invoice tracking, accounting, sales module, production planning, purchase management, customer support service, finance, HR, supply chain management, logistics, software, customer...

Database Development

MIS solution

توسط - MIS solution

MIS Solutions can guide you to choose and implement the right technology for your business. MIS solutions integrate disparate business processes and improve productivity and efficiency within enterprises. Customized MIS solutions may include HR & Payroll Management, Customer Relationship Management, Sales Tracking System, Operations Management, Accounting Management, Asset Management, Projects Management and Admin portal etc. Effective Planning Decentralization Reduce Data Overload Encourage Coordination ...